Increase your income by sharing your estate for a couple of hours only


You decide who can book your home and under which conditions. The booking is confirmed only once we received your agreement.


Your tranquillity is our priority. Organising an event requires you to take specific precautions. Therefore, our insurance covers every single event we organise so that you can peacefully rent out your estate.


The payement is made within 24 hours directly on your bank account after an event.

Rent out my estate !

What type of client will rent my house?

We provide our services to businesses (L'Oréal, Bpost, Elia, ...) as well as individuals. However, you decide weather your house is available for both businesses and individuals or only for businesses/individuals.

Do I have to rent out the entirety of my house?

Absolutely not ! You decide which spaces you wish to rent out, for example: the living room and the kitchen.

Do people sleep over at night?

No. We focus only on very short run rentals (a couple of hours only). Therefore people do not sleep in your house.

How long in advance am I notified for a booking?

On average the booking are made 2 months in advance. The minimum notice is 2 weeks.

Do I have to be there during an ongoing event inside my house?

No ! In order to better coordinate the event, at least one member of the OneHouseStand team is always there during an event. Therefore, you can go to work or you can have dinner outside with your friends :)

What should I do/provide the day of a booking?

Nothing at all ! Just open the door to one of our teammates so he can receive the guests for their event.

What is OneHouseStand's commission rate on the booking?

20% of the total rental.

How much can I earn by renting out my house on OneHouseStand?

It depends on two factors: the hourly fee and the booking's duration. We always suggest you an hourly fee for your home.

What is the process to list my house on OneHouseStand?

Easy ! Send us your information on the form above. Then we will get in touch with you and we will send a professional photographer to take pictures of your home.

Rent out my estate !